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Temple Coin

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THE NEW TEMPLE COIN - To honor of ISRAEL's 70th Independence

In honor and praise of Israel's 70th Independence Day, the “Nascent Sanhedrin”, The “Mikdash Educational Center” and the “Temple in Zion” organizations have minted a new TEMPLE COIN

The biblical verses on the coin declare the proclamation of Cyrus, king of Persia, and the word of the Lord

"And He – HASHEM, the Lord of the World – charged me to build Him a house in Jerusalem"

This declaration took place exactly 70 years after the people of Israel were sent in to exile. The prophet Jeremiah "promised that with the passing of seventy years, "I will bring you back to your place

The coin expresses our joy and gratitude that the American Embassy will be transferred to Jerusalem in honor of Israel’s Independence Day. It is the fulfillment of the Trump Declaration recognizing the centrality of Jerusalem as the Capital of the State of Israel