The Keeper of the Springs

The Keeper of the Springs

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This powerful message from Proverbs 25:26 was preached at the Cane River Revival in Burnsville, NC.  

The illustration in the message is of a hermit who lived in the Alps high above an Austrian village.  He was responsible for cleaning debris and trash out the springs so that freshwater could flow down into the valley.  He received a small amount of money from the people who lived in the village.  

When they decided his position was no longer necessary, he stopped cleaning out the springs.  No one noticed until the fall of that year that the springs were clogged up.  They went back to the older gentleman to ask that he resume his job as the “Keeper of the Springs”.  He worked hard to clean the springs, and the water flowed again with great power.

It is compared to our life as a Christian.  We need the power of God in our life, and if our springs are clogged with the sin of this world, we cannot be an effective witness for Christ.  We will know if there is trash in our springs when we stop praying, reading His Word, and being faithful to a local New Testament church.

May we never cause anyone to stumble because we are not keeping our spring clean.  We need the power of God back for the sake of our children and our grandchildren.  We need power from above that produces old time conviction.  We need our tears and our burden back. May we cry out for the power of God to be in our lives, and beg God for revival ONE MORE TIME!